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Hi everyone! Just reaching out to let you know even though we can not practice together, if you can, practice your skills on your own and follow a workout routine that keeps you moving. I posted a few school tube videos for some basics you can work on. If you have a family member you can throw and catch with, even better!
Keep your fingers crossed that we will be able to get a shortened season in!
Don't forget to check out the videos I am posting. I will add more as I find them. Remember, if you can, practice and you can use it as one of your PE entries!!!
Don't forget to go to the Google Classroom page to answer my questions and get more workouts!

Week of April    :








There are late buses for practices if you need it at 4:00pm. Any questions, come see me.



Check out the Cedar Drive school calendar for a full schedule




2020 Season




vs Barkalow 



 vs Neptune

vs Bayshore      

@ Hazlet 


vs Ocean


@ Thompson


@ Bayshore


vs Thorne


@ Neptune


vs Long Branch


vs Holmdel


@ Holmdel


@ Long Branch


vs Hazlet




  • If you will not be able to make a practice or game please let me know as soon as you find out. If I am not told in a timely manner it will count as a cut, as stated in our first meeting.
  • We will meet 4 times a week on most weeks. Practices will be held one or two days that there is not a scheduled game from 2:25 until 4:00-4:15pm. You will need your own ride home.


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