Cedar Drive Middle School
   Doors Open  School Starts  Dismissal  Late Dismissal
 Regular  Schedule   7:40 A.M.  7:50 A.M.  2:23 P.M.  3:50 P.M.
 Short Session/
 Early Dismissal
 7:40 A.M.  7:50 A.M. 12:00 P.M.  
 Delayed Opening  9:40 A.M.  9:50 A.M.  2:23 P.M.  3:50 P.M.

Emergency Closings

 In the event school has to be closed because of inclement weather or for any other reason, it will be prominently displayed on the top of our home page and announced on the following radio stations: 

AM Radio WADB (1310)
FM Radio WKXW (101.5), WJLK (94.3), WHTG (106.3)
Television: Channel 12 ( New Jersey )
Internet: and

Activities on Weekends and Holidays

When schools close early or are closed for inclement weather or other emergencies, all school-sponsored or outside organization extra-curricular activities are cancelled.