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Guidance Office

Welcome to Cedar Drive Middle School Guidance Department
Mrs. Lauren Hums,  Guidance Counselor
 Ms. Diana Gatti, Secretary to the Guidance Counselor
            Kid President                                    
As the school counselor for Cedar Drive Middle School, I will
* provide individual and supportive group counseling
* provide school-wide activities to promote a positive school climate and support character education 
 * communicate with parents and build collaborative partnerships
* communicate with your child's teacher(s) and help in the development of educational strategies through the I&RS committee
* help students develop a positive feeling about themselves and others
* help students develop problem-solving techniques and coping skills
* remind students to respect cultural and individual differences, which will foster the growth of our students
* encourage all students to stand up for themselves and for others
     * encourage all students to make a positive difference in the world