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Science 7 Mrs. Zanyor

Welcome to 7th grade science! You can access the class information in the above document. The 2018 Back to School night powerpoint is also attached.
This year, students will learn about Life Science.
Our curriculum includes the following units:
Unit 1: Molecules to Organism
Unit 2: Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics
Unit 3: Inheritance and Variation of Traits
Unit 4: Biological Evolution: Unity and Diversity
Additionally, all 7th grade students will have a 3 month robotics unit taught by Mr. Coe.
All 7th grade students will have both science teachers during the year. The switch from one science teacher to the other takes place in December.
Units 3 & 4 assessment, Monday, June 17. Review in class on June 14.
Genetics/ Evolution project due June 10. Students can hand it in early for extra credit. See handout for details. A copy of the information was handed out in class and is posted on Google Classroom.
4/1 Unit 2 assessment will be on 4/8.
Unit 1 Assessment December 5th
Team B students switch to Mr. Coe's class December 7th
12/11 Welcome Team A students!
We are currently working on the metric system.
Happy Holidays! I hope you have a fun break! See you in January when we will start off the year planting seeds and watching our plants grow!
2/7 Cell Model Projects due 2/12.
Cell model Project info
2/11 Cellular respiration and photosynthesis concept check 2/15 ( date changed due to snow day)
2/21 Unit 1 assessment tentatively scheduled for 3/8. Students will be given topics to review nightly starting 2/25. A comprehensive review sheet will be given out and students will review it in-class the day before the assessment.