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Mrs. Wuethrich's Targeted Intervention Classes (TIP 6,7,8)

Math TIP:  Targeted Intervention Program

The TIP program offers small group instruction on current classroom topics, as well as remediation in targeted areas.

How TIP works:

  • The child is recommended for Math TIP by their classroom teacher based on their current grade average, understanding of current topics, MAP scores and NJSLA scores.
  • The parent honors the recommendation and the child is enrolled in the TIP program in place of a related art class.

Grade 6: length of one marking period  (everyday)

Grade 7: length of one cycle        (everyday)

Grade 8: length of one semester (alternate days)

  • The child completes a diagnostic i-Ready assessment to determine their strengths and weaknesses.
  • A PROGRAM is identified for your child to TARGET weaknesses and provide INTERVENTION to build strong skills moving forward.
  • Daily lessons include i-Ready Instructional videos and reinforcement of concepts taught in the child’s math class.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Wuethrich at

Mrs. Debbie Wuethrich

Math TIP 6,7,8 Teacher