Mr. Czerwinski's Social Studies

Online Learning Schedule - Monday, April 6th and Tuesday, April 7th
Schedule of Activities   Assessment
1. Watch Screencast for Law&Order: Special Romans Unit about law and order in Ancient Rome
2. Complete the questions to go along with the Screencast by Tuesday night.  The file with the Twelve Tables is attached to the lesson.
3. On Wednesday, you will be sent a quick Rome quiz (Google Forms) to wrap up the week. You can also complete it via Zoom if you sign up for one of a few time slots available (optional - see Screencast for details).
HW/Classwork Check 
***Wednesday Quick Roman Quiz
Online Learning Schedule - Thursday April 2nd and Friday April 3rd
Schedule of Activities   Assessment
First Thing! Did you resubmit and/or revise the Alexander the Great Writing Activity? (Because several of you didn't and it is a lot of points).
1. Watch Cz Academy Volume E, which gives a rundown of the material for the people of Rome. Then, skim through the two attached "Daily Life in Rome" sections. Focus on your character, which is assigned below.
2. Complete the final activity for "People of Rome" stated on the PowerPoint/Cz Academy and below. You have several options on how to complete this task. You will take your character and describe a "A Day in the Life" of your character.
3. TOPIC: Based on Last Name
- Last Name A-F (Patrician – you can select male/female)
- Last Name G-M (Plebeian – you can select male/female)
- Last Name N-S (Child – you can pick patrician or plebeian)
- Last Name T-Z (Legionary – you would be a plebeian male)
OPTIONS to Demonstrate Understanding... now with less typing! (Select ONE)
- Cartoon (if you can upload a picture/ cartoon with written content)
- Diary Entry (attach your own Google Doc)
- Audio Diary (Act as if you are a person in a one minute audio clip – upload to classroom)
HW/Classwork Check 
Online Learning Schedule - Tuesday March 31st and Wednesday April 1st
Schedule of Activities   Assessment
1. Go to Cz ELO/PLT Website and complete PFA #6: Ancient Rome.  The first link has a sheet for you to complete and fill out for the other four links.
2.  Each of the other four links should take about 15 minutes each, so complete two each day to be completed.
HW/Classwork Check 
Online Learning Schedule - Monday, March 30th
Schedule of Activities   Assessment
1. I am returning feedback for all of your completed paragraphs and asking that you take today's half hour to review and finalize the material before resubmitting
2. I gave everyone feedback of some kind. Take time to finish and resubmit it by tomorrow morning, when I will send out Tuesday's lesson. It will count 20 points towards Summative Assessment (this is a big score - so make sure you do your best here). Review the Screencast attached and your personalized feedback at the end of your ATG paragraphs.
Summative Assessment: 20 Points (Completed ATG Activity)
Online Learning Schedule - Friday March 27th
Schedule of Activities   Assessment
1.  Read through "Independent Activity Ideas" and accompanying video
2.  Write a few activities you would like in your specific sheet.  Submit and wait for approval/revision from Mr. C
Plan to be approved/revised by Mr. C next week
(Actual Activity due in June)
Online Learning Schedule - Wednesday March 25th and Thursday March 26th
Schedule of Activities   Assessment
1. View this Czerwinski Academy Volume D
2. Complete the Textbook Work on the Roman Republic/ Introduction. If you do not remember your textbook login, I attached the PDF of the chapters.
3. Complete the “Google Forms” Activity to demonstrate understanding (content will be from Volume D and the textbook)
4. Assessment (Classwork 2/2): Completion of the Textbook Work and the Google Form “Check for Understanding” The “Check for Understanding” is at the link under the textbook sheet.
5. Make sure you have a few paragraphs for Alexander the Great submitted. I will check over the next few days while you are working on this.
Classwork Check 2/2
Online Learning Schedule - Monday March 23rd and Tuesday March 24th
Schedule of Activities   Assessment
1. Review Czerwinski Academy Volume C, which will give you the rundown of the final activity. I will attach PowerPoint if you need to review or revisit!
2. You must make sure that you have completed last week's materials in order to be prepared for this activity! If you are behind, let me know so I can give you credit and give you the materials for this lesson
3. Follow the directions for the Alexander the Great activity.  Submit a doc with your writing by end of Tuesday. I will review it and give suggestions before it will be officially due. Summative Assessment score.
Summative Assessment Section
Online Learning Activities - Thursday March 19th, Friday March 20th
Schedule of Activities Assessment
For this activity, we will look at the other side of Alexander the Great, and start to give him a new name. Also, it's time for "March Madness" as you fill out your bracket! Here is the lesson...
- Review your work on the Alexander the Great documents from last assignment. Depending on when you submitted, I most likely added feedback and gave you two additional documents (check back soon if you did not see the feedback)
- Watch Czerwinski Academy Volume B (note: video may still be processing... check back if not working)
- Read through the documents that I added to your work (you may receive different documents than other students!). These documents are all about why Alexander may not be as Great as advertised. Describe what you learned from each one, and give a quick summary of what you learned during this Czerwinski Academy lesson.
- Fill out your March Madness bracket! Select which name is best for Alexander the Great. Check with me or a friend if you do not know how to fill one out. (1/2/3 Scoring… I will check the brackets on Saturday after voting!). Top five will get random prizes.
- Take the survey, ranking what you think the most appropriate name for Alexander is! This will help me determine the winners.
- Classwork check 2/2 for the 3.19 & 3.20 assignments 
2/2 for Completion
Online Learning Activities - Tuesday March 17th; Wednesday March 18th
Schedule of Activities Assessment
  1. Read the attached overview of Alexander the Great.  This was provided Friday, so many of you have read it already.
  2. Read through your assigned documents from A-F.  If you were here on Friday, this is the handout.  It is also attached for those of you who were not there.
  3. View Czerwinski Academy - Volume A
  4. After reviewing each of your three documents, describe why each one supports the fact that Alexander was in fact “Great”
  5. Completion of this task will give you a “2/2” for your Classwork/HW Score
2/2 for Completion